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         I can only assume that if you found my page, you must be looking for a talkative, affectionate, cute, cuddly, playful, and very smart addition to your family.  I am a small breeder of Siamese and even smaller breeder of Oriental Short Hair Cats and Kittens located in the center of Wisconsin.  So just to refresh, if you are looking for an Oriental Cat, Siamese Cat, Wisconsin or surrounding area is the place you live, you have come to the right place! Heck even if you live in an entirely different state, this is still the place. 

         Because all of my kittens are raised under foot and socialized before you get them, I tend to be careful about who gets my little hooligans.  I mean really, would you send your kids home with just anyone?  My main goal is to breed happy, healthy, wonderful companions for you and for myself.  Yes,  I probably have way more cats than any sane person should. And I tend to find room in my family for more every time I turn around.  Truly I don’t see this as a bad thing.  One can never have too much love and affection!

         I do show my cats and kittens, and if you want I recommend that you do too!  All my Siamese are dual registered in CFA & ACFA.  My Orientals are registered ACFA & hopefully soon, CFA.  Click the now showing link for more info.  If you have any interest in showing and can’t find the information that you need to get started, let me know.

         My Kittens all leave in good health and I have some tips to keep them that way in the aptly named link, HEALTH.   Diet, vaccines, and  proper vet care all play a huge difference, in not only the quality, but in the length of your new kittens life.  Horror stories abound about bad vets, bad breeders, and bad health practices in general. But, the web has tons of useful and also some not so useful info if you care to look.  By far  the best page that has all of the things you need to know in one place, is Sally’s.  I will go through the basics in my health page, but she knows her stuff and has gathered more of it together in one place than I have so far.

         You will also want to swing by the LINKS page and check out some of the great people that I have met, and some of the interesting things that I have found.  The first three are all amazing people and if it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t be here. Lois, Sally, Carol, and The Kolb's are all people that also have great kittens and I would recommend them to anyone that wants a knowledgeable breeder for the same breeds that I have.  How’s that for a plug, “welcome to my home page, go see these people about cats!”  I don’t always have kittens available, but between the five of us, we should be able to find you a loving companion. 

         If you have any questions about who, what, where, and why, check the FAQ? Page. It may have what you’re looking for. If not, hit the Contact Me button and drop me a line or call.

         Of all the stuff that I have written, nothing will be as beneficial in finding the right breeder to get you your new companion, as actually talking to and meeting them. So give a call, ask question, get informed!

Staniak's Siamese and Oriental cats and kittens in Wisconsin