This is where I will answer any of your questions that I feel are relevant and reoccurring.


So, Fire away! If you donít see an answer that you are looking for, get a hold of me and ask away!


Q: Why do you breed cats? Is it for the money?

†††††††† A: NO! Ask anyone that breeds, there is no money in it. Most of us breed just to break even at the end of the year. I do it because I love the breed. I love the ladies that got me started in this endeavor and never want to see their lines fade away. I look at it as leaving my mark and theirs on the world long after Iím gone.† Siamese and Orientals have more personality and intelligence than you would ever imagine. This is as important to keep in the breed as is their amazing looks. I want this breed to thrive and continue to be healthier, happier, and smarter than the last generation.† This is definitely a labor of love. Ask anyone that has had to tube feed babies every two hours for weeks to keep them going. I donít know about you, but, there isnít an amount of money in the world that you could pay me to do that. But I would to save my babies.


Q: How much do your kittens cost?

†††††††† A: How does the old saying go? If you have to askÖ Iím just kidding. Kitten prices vary depending on what you are looking for. It would be in your best interest to call or email and we can discuss what you are looking for before we discuss price.† If cost is a big concern, you may want to look into a retired breeder for a little bit older and less expensive alternative.† Or there is always the local Humane Society.


Q: Why do I have to sign a contract?

†††††††† A: Because if I had the space, I would keep every kitten that I have. I want to make sure my babies are as well cared for at your home as they are at mine. There are certain things that I insist on for the health and happiness of my babies. These are not negotiable. They are kind of common sense type things. If you have a question as to why these are in the contract, please ask.

Q: Will you ship your kittens?

†††††††† A: I donít like to, but I will. All the cost involved in shipping will be paid by you. It is very hard on kittens to fly so I would be willing to meet most people half way.† There are also different alternatives that we can discus when the time comes.


Q: Can I stop by and see your Cattery and kittens?

†††††††† A: You are always welcome to stop by and see the cattery or if you have a deposit on a kitten, just give a call and we will work out a time where you can socialize and play with your new family member. I highly recommend that you check out any cattery you are considering purchasing a kitten from before you even leave a deposit.


Q: Do I have to feed what you recommend?

†††††††† A: Do you have to feed exactly what I recommend? No. But it does have to be grain free. There are all sorts of alternatives to the exact diet that I feed. Some are good, some are not as good, but all are better than most commercial food. This is another thing that we can discuss, but I donít know why anyone would not want to do what is best for their new addition to the Family.