†††††††† Ask any ten people what they feed their pets and you will get ten different answers. Now ask those same people why they feed there beloved pet what they do and count the stares. I bet itís more then half that look blankly at you and say, ďI donít know, I guess itís what the store has that looked good.Ē

†††††††† Would you go in to a restaurant and order the one thing that you know makes you sick? No? Then why would you feed your companion things that will make them sick, fat, and shorten their life span? Most commercial foods are made mostly of filler. Corn, wheat, soy, and most other grains are cheap and not at all healthy for your cat. They are however really good for pet food manufacturers wallets. They cost less then meat and put more profit back into their pockets. Even the best known name brands are loaded with grain. The whole pet food scare awhile back was caused by grain.

†††††††† Glutens clog the short digestive tracks of cats and stop them for getting the nutrients that they need from their food. Thatís why most overeat and gain weight. Along with over eating most cats and dogs show signs of grain allergies. Cats by nature are carnivorous. You never see a cat in a corn field, picking corn for itís evening meal. It isnít natural. Cats eat everything raw in the wild. Just because itís gross to us, doesnít mean that our cats love it less. You want to know what is the best for your cat? Feed your cat what it eats naturally. No, not McDonalds! I mean Raw Meat! Yep, you read that right. Most dog people call it BARF. BARF stands for Bone And Raw Food.† Itís easy to make and some companies are even offering it premade and frozen for convenience.

†††††††† The recipe that I use is HERE! Itís Anneís Recipe and it works. My cats love it. I feed this in mouse size portions twice a day.† Also, I leave a grain free dry food out all day for the cats. Most Petcoís now carry at least two types of grain free food. The have Wellness CORE and Indigo Moon from Solid Gold. I tend to mix a bunch of different grain free foods for variety. My favorites include Natures Variety Chicken and rabbit, Innova EVO, and Taste of the Wild.† If you only want to buy one kind of dry food, I recommend the Natures Variety or Wellness CORE. The are the highest in Protein.

†††††††† Other than raw meat and grain free food, I would say getting your cats to drink as much water as possible, the second thing that you can do to make sure your cat is long lived.† Water fountains will entice your cat to drink more. This is very important seeing as they have a low thirst index. Meaning, that they donít get thirsty and therefore will receive most of the water that they need from their prey. This is another reason that I feel the raw diet is a must. It has a lot of water added. (just like if they killed it themselves. Without the carcass as a present for you)

†††††††† A fountain will be more appealing to them because it will keep the water from going stale and keep it oxygenated.† Plus they canít knock it over and love to play with the falling water. The one that I use is THIS one from Drinkwell. Kidney failure is common in cats that do not get enough to drink. This is a good LINK with a lot of info (it also has a bunch on diet too)

†††††††† Sally has done so much research that it is pointless for me to retype and link everything on her page, so I will give you this LINK and tell you to read.† As always, if you have questions, just ask! Sally or Lois will also be able to answer any questions on diet too.