Love and Affection


†††††††† This Section is probably miss labeled. But here it is! Iím sure that you want a lovable companion that will be by your side when you need their love and attention, but, that means that you need to be by their side when they need it.† Siamese and Orientals seem to be adept at sensing when you need their love. Itís too bad that we arenít that adept at noticing that they need our love too. I know that itís usually when we are deep into something that requires all your attention, like work or a book, or a well deserved nap. But, take the time to pet, or play, or just hold when it is offered to you.†

†††††††† The main reason of this is to give you a few tips to help you and your adorable little addition cohabitate peacefully.† The big ones have been addressed in Pet proofing your house, but there are a few more. Scratching post are a must! Your cat has all itís claws. Well it better if you plan on getting her/him from me. People always worry that they will shred furniture. I have leather furniture and found that the best way for me to keep it looking good is to place a scratching post at the entrance to most rooms. Same goes for cat furniture. I know that it doesnít always ďfitĒ with the dťcor, but they will use that instead of the $3000.00 sofa.† Cats like to scratch as they enter a room or when they first wake up. So find where they like to nap and have one there as well. If there is a piece of furniture that they still like, place the post in front of the place that they like to scratch. When they go for the naughty place, show them the scratching post and place their claws on it. Soon they will learn that the post is acceptable and you can slowly start moving it to where you want it. This also works with litter boxes.

†††††††† Cats that have problems with using a litter box are very few and far between, but it does happen from time to time. The first thing to do is watch. See if it might not be a problem with an illness. A lot of times improper elimination is caused by a bladder infection† or other illness. This is especially true if they have been using the litter box without fail up till then. The next thing to check is if your box is clean. I have one cat that refuses to use a dirty litter box. I guess I canít blame him, I donít want to use a dirty toilet.

†††††††† If you find a spot that the cat frequents, get a litter box for that spot. Treat the stain with a product designed for pet urine stains and place your new litter box in that spot. If you see the main offender go near that spot, place them in the litter box. Once you get them using the box, slowly, inch by inch, over a couple weeks, move it where you want it. You may also want to change the type of litter that you are using. Some felines are very particular about the texture or scent of their litter also. There are many to chose from. The cheapest and most common among breeders are wood pellets. They usually are sold as fuel for wood burning heaters or even horse bedding. Normally you can get a 50 pound bag for under $10.00. I use clumping litter with an additive called Litter Mate. It isnít as cheap, but works well for eliminating odor and ease of clean up.

†††††††† The reason that I put this here is because it is very hard to show affection to a cat that seems not to want to follow the rules to your house. With a little patience and love, those bad habits will be a thing of the past. Cats can be trained to do many things including using a toilet, tricks, and most anything that a dog can do. You donít have to live with bad behavior, just work with your cat to eliminate it before itís too late. Both you and him/her will be way happier in the long run.†