Having a Pet Safe House


There are a few main things that you can do to ďpet safeĒ your home for your new addition.


1. Remove Poisonous Plants. Here is a list of plants that are poisonous to cats. This one is a list of safe plants. These list are not all inclusive, but should give you a good start to making sure your cat stays safe.

2. Remove breakables from high places. This is as much for your sanity as it is for the cats safety. Siamese enjoy getting to the top of the highest thing that they can possibly find.† And in some strange way, I think that they get joy in watching things fall off of places that you donít think they will ever be able to reach. If it is a must that you have your favorite glass/porcelain,† irreplaceable heirloom on the edge of a tall shelf, try securing it with a few small pieces of poster putty. It seems that if they canít push it off with a paw after a few tries, they leave it alone.

3. Get toys and scratching posts.† Yep, this is a no brainer. The best thing to keep your kitten out of trouble, is to keep them occupied with fun things.†† I lean towards higher toys that allow my kids to climb. Sacks and boxes are inexpensive things that my cats love. They love these because cats are den animals, so for them, they are not only fun to play with but make them feel safe. I always tell pet owners that if they arenít home most of the day, more then one cat is a good idea. Itís always more fun to cause a ruckus with a friend.

4. Clean your Garage. My little Tymora is an escape artist extraordinaire.† She seems to know when I come home with an armful of packages and is out the door and in my garage before I know it.† Anti-Freeze is deadly in even the smallest amounts. It pays to plan ahead if your garage is attached to the house. I have all my chemicals and car stuff in cabinets and out of site so she canít get into them.

5. Secure outdoor areas.† If you have place that you want the cats to be able to go outside make sure that it is secure. Sally has a great porch for her cats.† This is the page where she tells you how to make it kitty proof.


These are a few tips that will make things around your house safer for your new addition. If you have any other great ideas for making houses pet safe, please feel free to email me.