†††††††† So this section should be straight forward, right? Just do what the vet tells you, right? Yearly this, and every couple years that, right?




†††††††† This is a good way to for vets to keep their doors open. I wish that I had customers that can back every year and purchased a new kitten when they really didnít want one or need one.† Forcing people into thinking that they are doing what is best for their loved one, when they could be doing more harm, is almost criminal in my opinion.

†††††††† The more research that is done, the more we find out that we are causing a lot of the health issues in our beloved pets by over vaccinating when there is no need.† Dr. Rogers and Dr. Lappin Have done a great job at advancing the cause to vaccinate only as needed.† If you read the info from Dr Rogers page, you will see that he is against most major vaccines. Also the best way to prevent the leading cause of death to our cats is to leave them inside.† And, if you have one of my babies, itís in the contract. FeLV is transferred mainly for outside cats to indoor/outdoor cats to Indoor cats.

†††††††† †My kittens are vaccinated when they leave my care and donít really need another vaccination unless† your cats are around animals that are frequently outside. Then the recommendation is to give a booster after three years. Even this, I donít see as a necessity if you arenít introducing new pets or donít have pets that go outside.†

†††††††† If you live in an area where Rabies Vaccines are required by law, then the only one that I recommend is a non adjuvant rabies vaccine. If your vet doesnít use it, find another one that does for your Rabies vaccine.

†††††††† I can continue with a bunch of stuff that you may or may not want to know, but I will leave it at this for now. I will add more as I learn more.

†††††††† If you want the down and dirty, Sally has boat loads of information HERE and HERE.


†††††††† As of recently, I have gotten a bunch of emails of kittens getting really ill from Rabies vaccine. Please be very careful if you are required to get one.