Vet Care!



†††††††† I look at a vet with a finer magnifying glass than I do my own Doctor.† These are my kids that they are treating. So I tend to look for a vet that has the same views as me on care, diet, and vaccines. I know that I may never find that vet, but if I know more about a condition or ailment, and they donít seem to respect my opinion, itís time to start looking.† I have to trust the person seeing my babies. I went to one clinic where I respected one of the Doctors, but didnít really trust† the other. I ended up seeing this other Doctor in a pinch, and he over prescribed medicine for one of my girls. I thought that it was strange after doing a little research about the drug and called my breeder friends. We were right! It was way too big of a dose and could have been disastrous.

†††††††† A lot of veterinary care is driven by the manufacturers of pet foods and vaccines. They sponsor a lot of the classes vets take and therefore there is a lot of misinformation that gets passed along with the good info. I will cover a lot of this in other health section, but walk away from anyone that wonít listen to what you have to say. You know your cat way better than they could ever hope to.† Research anything that they tell you could be a problem. There are medical breakthroughs everyday. Some vets havenít had a refresher on what might now days be a simple cure instead of a barbaric surgery.† The internet provides so much information on new treatments, preventatives, and alternatives. Iím not saying that everything you read will be correct, some info is plain old misleading.† When you finally find that Vet that clicks with you and your cat, stick with them. Good Vets are hard to find!

†††††††† Also, always talk to your breeder. We see things and learn things that most people would never have to. Before my first kittens were picked up from Lois, I had talked to her a dozen times. Her advice has always been sound.† We know more about our breed and cats in general then a lot of general vets will. On the others side of the coin, if your breeder wonít answer questions, or call back. Find another breeder.


Anything that you want to add, please let me know. I am always open to new advice and opinions.